Evgeny Filanovsky - he was born and raised in Leningrad.
Graduate boarding school of music and then a Communication college.
After compulsory service in the naval orchestra joined in Leningrad
Institute of Culture.

As a first year student, has created a children's brass band,
and a year later became the leader of the lennin's concert group.

In 1990, immigrated to Israel.
Currently, besides organizing celebration and performance, teaching
wind instruments in music schools and directs the jazz ensemble and
two brass orchestras.

Performing at various events as: a saxophonist, link-man,
director , singer and show member.

Over time,he had developed an interesting and dynamic form of own performances.
«I sell good mood, not music» - he says.
Thanks to non-standart approach to delivery of celebrations and the ability to
«Feel the audience», as well an unusual program and the ability to improvise
«In the course of play», constantly receives invitations to performances in Israel and abroad.


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